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09 March 2008 @ 11:00 pm
"Machanic Street"  
Eleven People and friends
Problems left to right
His absence left her lingering
Which made her strong
The brothers ran and down
Those deteriorated stairs
Shooting eachother
With toy guns
The elder sisters kept to themselves
Persuing their own life
And leaving, left to right
Blessed, I has a sister
For playing dolls and
A best friend
My first memory

And Since I was young
Money wasn't of concern
But we were in fact unwealthy
The cracks in the ceiling
Fell into pieces on the floor
Which caused rain to fall through
And the usage of our pots
With all the dead spiders
In the dusty windowsills

Maine's rough winters caused anger
And cabin fever throughout that house
Discipline and rebellion made her crazy
Since was left alone to raise her children
Due to his job at sea
And since she never gave into any substance
We admire her 'til this very day

He never wants to talk of that house
He claims there are too many bad memories
Though that house was full of horseplay  and
Chipping paint, it remains a monarch to me
And my most innocent times
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