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24 September 2006 @ 09:32 pm
"Last Saturday"  
I stepped out of your car
And somewhere along the way
The cement collected my tears
But I was not Alice in Wonderland
It just was cruel way to start out the day
The unspoken words continued to disarray

And now matter how bitter I feel
I can not admit to have not seen in coming
Your life is in a hurry, you've become distant
But I see that I was dull and not myself
So as I stepped over the sidewalk
to realize it's another thing self-taught..

Well you're just last saturday
And I get your kind gesture
But that doesn't mean I have to buy it
You're bored on this inside
And quite alive on the outside
But not alive for me...

And curled right up holding my knees
I could blame it things like keeping to quiet
Attempting to put on a pretty face for you
All I know is that you are not for me
And you probably wanna do other things
That I wont be holding your hand for
What makes it bad, bad like this
You should of said something when you really felt it

But you're just last Saturday
You are forgiven
But that doesn't mean I have to be your friend
Yeah you're just last Saturday
And I've been hurt before
And I may respect you all the same
But that doesn't mean I like what you're doin'
I just had to put it out there
You were special and it's a shame
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Current Music: Goo Goo Dolls - "Two Days In February"